This Is Why I’m Cheap

Here’s a Friday Fun Fact for you:

Well, yes, Matt Dillon does look like Burt (or is it Bert?) from Sesame Street but that’s a different topic for a different day.

The fact for today is that I am CHEAP.  There.  I said it.  (Ok, I typed it but whatever.)

I hate spending full price on anything and in some cases I hate spending money at all.  I belong to rewards programs, discount websites, discount warehouses, clubs, groups, apps, and will scan barcodes or share whatever info you request to get that free drink after buying a thousand at full price.

It’s a sickness, really.

Best guess is that this all started when I was a kid.  We weren’t rich but I didn’t think that should stop me from wearing kick-ass clothes.

Furthermore, anyone in the Atlanta area ever hear of K&D Shoes?  If not, you should read this then quickly drop everything and go.  It’s my candy land.  Here’s everything you need to know:

K & D Shoe Warehouse
Located at 2240 Dogwood Dr SE
Conyers, GA 30013
Phone: (770) 285-2872

My aunt and uncle own it.  (Ask for Dede or Billy and tell them that I sent you so that they know how much I love them.  Aaaand maybe I’ll get a free pair of shoes.  Disclaimer: my uncle may hit on you if you have boobs.)

That’s right.  I have access to a WAREHOUSE full of glorious shoes that I have never paid full price for.

Anyway, that shameless plug is over.

My love of all things wonderful and cheap solidified when I discovered the Apparel Mart.  It is AMAZING.  Everything was wholesale!  I had no idea that places like that even existed!

After that it was over.  My life changed forever.  Gone was the $100 shirt.  Gone was the $400 handbag.  Not today, Gucci.  Not today.

Now, I love having nice clothes and accessories just as much as anyone else.  I love being in shape.  I love eating at restaurants and traveling and experiencing the finer things in life.  But I feel like there is a war raging on our beautiful planet.  Me vs. Those Who Want My Money.

I have a finite amount of money.  We all do.  And in order for someone to make money, money has to be taken from someone else.  So whoever I choose to give my money to better offer me something that I can’t do for myself and that I know I can’t get for less money and same or better quality somewhere else.

Here is a list of items I refuse to spend any money at all on (for the most part):

My hair

My nails

My fitness

My recipes

I may on occasion go to a blow-out bar and get my hair done but that’s only when I need to feel pampered.  Any other time I do it myself and save $50.

I will, however, spend whatever I need to in order to get a glorious haircut.  Although, as it turns out, I don’t have to spend all that much.  My stylist just opened a new salon called RUUT in Cumming, GA.  If you live within 1000 miles I highly suggest you visit Nicole.  She is AH-MAY-ZING.  And she is very reasonably priced!

My nails I prefer to do myself.  Pedicures are pretty much torture for me because I hate for my feet to be touched.  Manicures are just odd.

Do I look the person in the eye while they are rubbing my forearm with lotion?  Do I look away?  I’m confused and this is awkward.  How ‘bout I just paint my own nails and go get a massage if I feel the need to relax… I can’t give myself a back massage so I’ll spend money on that.

Personal trainers are wonderful.  They help people get fit and provide motivation and accountability.  But I can do all that on my own.  I trained to be a body builder/fitness model just long enough to learn what to do.  Doesn’t mean I’ll do it, but I KNOW what to do.

I’ve used a trainer once in the past 5 years.  The session ended up more of a partnership with me showing him some workouts that I’ve learned over the years and then we challenged each other to see how many crunches we could do.

Recipes are something I refuse to pay for.  There are so many free apps and recipes on the internet, meal plan builders that can help you plan for weeks of healthy, balanced meals.  I refuse to pay for someone to tell me what I already learned after weeks of excessive Googling when I decided to learn how to cook and get healthy.

Can I give myself a massage?  No.  Can I make myself a movie?  No.  (Well, technically I guess I could but it would take too long and wouldn’t be very good.)  I’ll spend money on things I can’t do for myself.

Here is a list of things that I will spend a discounted amount of money on:

everything else

Although, one thing I’ve noticed is that with a lot of things you do get what you pay for.  A Balenciaga handbag is typically going to last longer than one I’ve purchased for $10 at Sam Moon.  A pair of Louboutins will generally last longer than a pair of shoes I’ve purchased at Target for $25.  But here is my reasoning behind spending less on a product that may be less quality:

If my child runs at me full-speed and breaks his fall on my $10,000 handbag, I’m going to instinctively take that loss out on my child for being a kid.  I’ll be sad that I’ve wasted $10k, I’ll be sad that the bag is broken… then I’ll feel bad for getting upset that my child was being a child.

HOWEVER, if my little love nugget breaks the $10 bag, no big deal.  I can get 2 more.  I don’t bat an eye and my instinct is to pick up my clumsy little darlin’ and tickle the tears away.

If my dog chews up a pair of $200 shoes I’ll be pretty pissed.  If she chews up a pair of $25 shoes I’ll still be pissed but not as much.

I don’t ever want things to have more value than my relationships with people.  Or salsa.  I’d hate to have to give up salsa so that my $200 shirt stays clean.  Lol, that’s funny.  I’ll never give up salsa.

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