Chihuahuas Live in the Desert

I’m going to start posting naked selfies so that when “someone” releases my celebrity sex tape there’s no surprise.

Let’s just agree to disagree.

This morning Bella said, “Mom, you know why I like Chihuahuas?  Cuz they can live in the desert!  With camouflage!”  It blew her mind when I told her that not all Chihuahuas are the color of sand…  Plus, between you and me, Lola wouldn’t survive for 5 minutes “in the wild”.


Passive-aggression will be the ultimate cause of Armageddon.

Do women in Iran ever open their closet doors and think, “Ugh.  What to wear… I need new “going-out” clothes.”

Sorority rush prepared me for the corporate world.  Although, joining AOPi didn’t require me to stand naked on a pedestal while someone circled my fat.  That was a bit unexpected.

Forest Gump gives me hope.

I don’t remember most of what happened Saturday night, but I do know it was fun…

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