Why God Created Spiders

It’s a fact: spiders bring people together.

Last Saturday my dear friend Annie P. and I embarked on a whirlwind adventure.  We signed up for an improv class at Whole World Theater!

My lovely mom drove an hour to watch our babies so my hubs could study for his Boards re-certification and I could learn how to be spontaneously funny.

By the time the class started it seemed we had already lived through an entire improv comedy sketch.
It started at 3pm and was about 20 minutes away so of course I left an hour early BECAUSE I WAS SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!  AP lives close to the theater so I swung by to pick her up.  Our first hurdle: getting her in my vehicle.

{Wow, I just sounded like a creepy serial killer.}

E’s Yukon: “Command, please.”
E: “Call Anne on mobile.”
E’s Yukon: “Calling Lauren Nieman.”

Ugh.  I’ll just send a text.  Dam Bluetooth technology.

Soon she was in my car and we were on our way.  YAY!!!!!

I’ve been to this theater many times but the last time was about 10 years ago.  My memory was a little rusty.  Apparently, Anne’s was, too.  So we may have driven past it a few times… what?

Eventually we found our intended location and parked conveniently in the lot beside the building.  We excitedly made our way inside (that’s what he said) the theater.  Before we could say anything, the girl at the front desk was mid-freak-out.

There was an S-P-I-D-E-R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, I have 2 phobias.  Pretty serious ones.  One so bad it may land me in the psych ward.  However, spiders aren’t one of them.  Luckily, Annie P doesn’t have a spider phobia either.  And she stepped up big time.

{For one, she has a much better line of sight than I do.  I couldn’t see over the counter.}

Annie P saves the day.  I thought the girl behind the counter (well, at this point she was across the room) was going to kiss her.  Unfortunately, she didn’t.  But I think there will forever be an unbreakable bond between that girl and Anne.

This one instance wouldn’t prove that spiders create forever friends.  However, two cases of such bonds may prove more than just a coincidence.

About a month ago a co-worker whom I hadn’t yet met came to my office to ask a question.  I stood up to shake his hand and while I was speaking to him I noticed a small spider on his shoulder.  Without thinking, I gently brushed it off and said, “Not that you need me to brush your shoulders off, but you had a small spider on your shirt.”

Thus began the best, most impressive heeby-jeeby freak-out dance I’d ever witnessed from a grown-ass man.  From that day on, he randomly appears and smiles at me.  He rarely says much.  Just stares and smiles.  It’s like he’s now indebted to me forever for saving his life from a 1 centimeter-sized spider.

See?  Spiders DO bring people together.  Even if it is awkward and weird.

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