Mindless Entertainment

I don’t usually watch reality TV.  It’s appealing in a “train wreck” kind of way but I don’t seek it out.  On the rare occasion I do catch it on when I’m interrupted while flipping channels I’m struck by the fleeting moments of relatability of the characters.  Because that’s what they are, right?  Characters?

{Although, living where I do I’ve noticed that Tiphis are everywhere.  Only it appears as though no one has told them that the cameras aren’t rolling.}

There are shows and documentaries that highlight the goofy and eccentric and uber-rich lifestyles.  And maybe for a second we all see a bit of ourselves in them.  “Oh I could see myself saying that” and for a second you can see yourself in that extravagant lifestyle or absurd situation.

People living above their means, people trying to fit in with a clique, people who have nothing better to do for a living than get into trouble.

When Real World aired I remember how intriguing it was.  It was literally like being a fly on the wall.  Networks quickly realized that over-the-top behavior drives ratings.  But do the networks have to gravitate toward the negative side of over-the-top behavior?

Now that I’m a parent I think a lot about what I want my kids to watch on TV.  And what I don’t want them to watch.  Why is it so hard to find a show that portrays an intelligent, driven female who has a strong marriage and puts her family first?

Could we stop giving air time to stereotypical bimbos who don’t respect their partners or themselves enough to find a meaningful purpose in life?

I don’t want my kids to see women portrayed as “Desperate Housewives” or to think that a “real” housewife gets drunk and slaps people all the time.

I want my kids to see that some women graduate from Ivy League schools and build careers just like men.  Some women build an empire from nothing while taking care of their family full time without a nanny.

I want my kids to see that some successful, beautiful women actually… wait for it…


Some beautiful, successful women… wait for it…


Speaking from experience, Karma can be your best friend or worst enemy.  It isn’t any harder to build someone up than it is to tear someone down.

Life isn’t about who can throw the most expensive party or inviting someone to an event just to make fun of them or confront them about something that should take place in private.

I don’t really care what kind of car you drive or where you live or what brand your clothes are.  If that’s where your stock is you need to re-evaluate.

I’m a train wreck enough on my own without purposeful drama added in.  And I know that it’s hilarious and entertaining.  People laugh at my crazy stories all the time.  My friends laugh with me when I trip or something embarrassing happens.  We don’t take ourselves too seriously and it’s awesome.  So I know that mean-spirited drama isn’t necessary.

When you chase ratings and absurdity there will always be someone willing to sell their soul for more money.  Why do we make them?   What if we were to say, “You’re an athlete.  Stick to that.”  Or “you’re an actress.  Stick to that.”

Reality shows tend to give an outlet to those who are otherwise washed up or have no real talent.

What if we changed that.  What if we use reality shows as an outlet for those with a message worth hearing that doesn’t involve a beautiful woman dressed in an evening gown upside down in a 10-tiered cake?

Although, let’s face it, that’s hilarious.

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