My husband’s nickname for me is “Squirrel”. He calls me “Squirrel” to insinuate that I have a short attention span, am easily distracted, and frequently drift into tangents. The term “Squirrel” became popular when the movie “Up” came out because the dog, “Dug”, was easily distracted by squirrels. So is my husband calling me a dog???  Because my dog, Georgia, has an attention span of an honor student studying for the SAT when she gets a hold of a tennis ball or her favorite chew toy. Or if I have food she wants. I had cannoli tonight for dessert. Well, actually just one so that would be a cannolo. When I moved to Italy and ordered cannoli for the first time I asked for “cannoli” and the guy asked how many. Then I realized I’d said the plural form of the word. So, to save face, I asked for 2. I had 2 cannoli for breakfast. And I ate both. But, anyway, I’m not a dog.

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