Strong Suggestions

My favorite color is red. Maybe that’s why I’ve been “red flag” challenged in the past. I suggest we move to “face slaps” instead of “red flags” to note that someone should reconsider a decision. I know I would respond better to that.

If Tom Shane says something is “en vogue” I will not buy it. If he says something is “on trend” I will not buy it. I don’t trust a nasally white guy to tell me what is in style.

There is a city in Georgia named “McDonough”.  It is pronounced “mic-don-uh”, not “mic-dun-uh”. There is no “u” between the “d” and the “n”. While we are on the topic of pronunciations, water is pronounced “wah-ter” not “wutter” and deal is pronounced “dee-al” not “dill”. I could go on, but I’ll stop.

To all news outlets: please don’t interrupt me with breaking news that anyone who is older than 90 has died. That’s not breaking news. It’s a duh.

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