Get In My Head

The other day I saw a truck driving around Alpharetta.  Not unusual, right?  The strange part: on the back of the truck were the words: “DUDE!  Like, Jesus loves you… Ever think about that?”  Just seems to target a very specific audience.  I didn’t realize so many surfers lived in Alpharetta.  But hey, I’m sure they need Jesus, too.

Yesterday on my way home I saw a cop clocking people on the interstate.  Not weird.  Happens all the time at 5:30pm in gridlocked Atlanta traffic.  I’m sure he met quota with all the cars crawling along at 48 miles per hour.  Good job, Super Trooper.

This morning at Starbucks I was reading headlines.  One referenced a “UN Official”.  But I read it as “unofficial” and was pretty confused.  I must have been really tired because I read it, like, 4 times before I caught it.

There is an amazing new gelateria at Avalon.  We went Friday night.  However, misspellings were rampant.  And I got so annoyed that I almost couldn’t order.  Almost.  Then I realized that I’m probably the only person in Alpharetta, GA who can write Italian so I got over it.  Or did I???  I’m obviously still bothered by it.   Just write the flavors in English if you can’t spell Italian words!  OOOOOR, here’s a thought: GOOGLE!  Ugh.

OH!  And don’t ask me to send you directions anywhere.  Unless you are my grandmother.  I’ll gladly verbally direct Betty C. anywhere she would like to go.  Because she doesn’t have immediate access to Google.  For you, there is no excuse.  GOOGLE IT!  If you have the name for a venue, that’s all you need.  For reals.  I’m not your secretary.

I’m learning that when someone says, “Oh, but you don’t need to worry about that”.  I definitely do need to worry about that.

Since my surgery 2 weeks ago, any time my little man is acting out, I just show him my belly button and he shuts up.  Then runs away.  I’m thinking of trying it at work. Or with my hubs.

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