Sno Balls and Ass Sweat

I’ve discovered recently that food trucks bring tha party.  Fo reals.  You could have an empty, run-down parking lot but you call in a few food trucks and BAM!

It’s like Taylor Swift shows up with her bestie Kanye.  Somethin’ for everyone.

About 8 years ago I worked in Tukwila, Washington at Group Health.  Our offices were in the middle of nowhere.  But every once in a while I noticed this gross-looking trailer parked on the street corner selling tacos.  It looked NAH-STEE.  That was my only experience with food trucks until I moved back home to Atlanta.

Once I moved back, a co-worker asked if I had heard of a Korean BBQ food truck that she loved.  I cringed.  I pictured the wretched metal can that looked like it belonged in Leather Face’s front yard.

No thank you.  However, she reassured me that it wasn’t like that.  Then I started hearing more and more about these “food trucks”.

I still didn’t get it.  I’m a little late.

{That’s what she said.}

But then…

A few months ago we were invited by our dear friends to join them at a neighborhood food truck party.  Party???  OK!

It was AWESOME!  There were no rusty, gross, roach-infested metal trailer cans anywhere.  What I did see were beautifully decorated portable food huts that happened to have wheels.  The food was AH-MAY-ZING.

I had delicious LOBSTER MAC N CHEESE from Cousins Main Lobster.  OH MY GOSH.  The lobster chunks were the size of fully grown children.

There was live music, the kids were dancing and playing, the adults were dancing and drinking, it was so fun!

Last weekend we repeated our adventure with another food truck party that more friends invited us to.  {Yes, I DO have more than one friend.}

Remember Moet?  Of course you do.  Always a good time with that one.

This food truck festival was even bigger than the one before!  And one thing I realized this time was the COMPETITION between the different food trucks!  A healthy, friendly competition, though.

My hubs and I went to the Mac n Cheese truck for Roman then I went to the AngelFire7 BBQ truck to get Bella a BBQ sandwich while Rick went to get our food at a different truck.  While I was waiting on her BBQ the owner walks over to me and said that I should try THEIR mac n cheese.  “It’s won awards” he says.

Then he gave me a sample which was VERY difficult to eat with my hands full.  I ended up grabbing the cup with my teeth, turning it up, and hoping that some of it made it’s way into my mouth.  Some did. Some didn’t.  It really was delicious.  I highly recommend that place.  BBQ, mac n cheese, and shrimp tacos ALL DELICIOUS!

He looked at the runny, soupy mac n cheese that I had and said, “I’m surprised.  I know the guy who runs that place.  He’s better than that.” Lol, well ok, then.

Another difference between the two food truck fiestas: the weather.  Last week the humidity was out in full Atlanta-in-August force.  It was SOOOOO HOT.  Five minutes outside was suffocating.  As I’m standing in line to get my food I could feel the sweat falling from my butt cheeks down my bare legs and there was nothing I could do.  It looked like I was peeing.  There is no looking cute in that situation.

{For the record, I was clothed.  I just realized it sounds like I’m describing myself as though I’m not wearing anything from the waist down.  This time, that wasn’t the case.}

The one saving grace: SnoBayou.  I am officially a groupie.  It’s like the shaved ice huts from my childhood had an affair with an ice cream stand which produced a more attractive baby.  It’s light, sweet, cold, delicious, OH EM GEE in my mouth.

{That’s what she said.} 

I stood in the middle of the parking lot by myself, with sweat pee dripping down my legs from my butt cheeks, making sweet, sweet mouth love to my sno ball.  And it was turriffic.  I bought two.  One for me, one for my kids.  They’re lucky one made it back.  I got chocolate and raspberry with vanilla ice cream in the middle, topped with sno cream.  I highly recommend it.

Ok, enough of that.  Here is my final thought:

Food trucks bring people together.  Just like spiders.  No, not like spiders.  Food trucks bring people together in the name of party.  Not in the name of fear.  I’m addicted.  All parties should have the following: music, alcohol, me, food trucks.  The end.

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