Have Pretty Nails AND A Latte

Here’s the dilemma:

Your nails look like crap.  You don’t want to spend $20 plus tip at a salon to get a traditional manicure because you know it will last 3 hours before you chip the polish trying to dig your kid’s toy out from behind the TV console.  You don’t want to spend $40 plus tip at a salon to get a gel manicure because you have to eat this week.  Also, what if you want to change your polish?  That’s another $25 plus tip.

Can’t take that stuff off by yourself.

(Believe me, I’ve tried.  Pinterest is a liar.  I walked around for 15 minutes with cotton balls dipped in acetone stuck to my nails with aluminum foil after scrapping off the top coat only to have big patches left that wouldn’t come off.)

Ladies, I’m about to become your new BFF.

I introduce to you Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish.  I don’t usually shamelessly plug products but this stuff is AMAZING.

But, E, I don’t have a UV light.

Don’t need it.  It cures in regular light.

But, E, I don’t want to scrape that junk off of my nails!

Don’t have to.  It comes off super easily with REGULAR nail polish remover.  BOOM.

But, E, I like the way gel lasts for weeks.

This stuff will last for weeks if you aren’t tooooo hard on your nails.  If you are hard on your nails, it will still last for at least a week.

But, E, I’m horrible at doing my own nails.

Paint it messy then jump in the shower after it dries and scrub off the extra.  OR dip a cotton swab in polish remover and go over it.  I paint my own nails like an overly excited 18-month old.  I get it.

But, E, I-

Stop.  Trust me.

Chances are you’ve seen this new product without realizing how awesome it is.  It’s mixed in with the other polishes at stores but sometimes it has its own display, too.  Look for MIRACLE GEL.

You need 2 things: the color and the top coat.  Each around $8 at Target.  Don’t forget the top coat.  That’s where the magic happens.

You have 48 colors to choose from.  If you need more than that, you’re too high maintenance and I can’t help you.  I can, however, recommend a good therapist.

Just kidding.  This stuff also works with your own polish!  The “official” Sally Hansen site tells you it won’t.  But it will.  Just slap on several coats of your fave polish, WAIT UNTIL IT’S COMPLETELY DRY!!!!!!!!!  Then apply 2 coats of the Miracle Gel top coat.

Make sure your nails are clean.  Then paint 2 coats of color on your nails, letting each coat dry before applying the next.  Once the second color coat is dry, brush on a coat or two of the top coat.  It comes in a black bottle but it isn’t black.  Promise.

These are my nails.  I painted them five days ago.  No chips.  I did have one nailmergency when I thought there was a chip and I picked at it until I peeled the polish off.  Oops.  But it was quickly rectified because I can touch up at home.  Eat it, D Nails.


That’s it.  Enjoy your fancy, expensive-looking nails.  Enjoy the compliments.  Enjoy knowing you can pay your bills this week.  Enjoy knowing you won’t internally cringe when your kid asks you to fish his Power Ranger toy from the bottom of the toy box.

You can also wash dishes with ease but I won’t tell if you keep your hubs thinking it’s detrimental to the aesthetic of your beautiful nails.

What’s your beauty shortcut secret?

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