How to Look Like an Idiot at the Bank

Friday afternoon I got my hair cut, paid with my bank card, and was on my way.  A few hours later I went to Michael’s to pick up some last minute things to finish Bella’s wedding birthday cake.  I whipped out the bank card…


What?  I just used it!

Thinking it was a fluke I used a different card and successfully paid my tab.  But it worried me.  What if someone somehow got my card info and the bank froze my account as a precaution… what if someone got my card info and changed my PIN number?  What IF!?

Later that night I had to run to the grocery store.  Again tried to use my card, again denied.  Now I was really freaked out.  It was too late to call the bank.  Plus, I hate calling the number.  It takes forever.  I’ll just go to a branch as soon as they open on Saturday.

And that’s just what I did.  I marched myself in the bank, card in hand, and explained the situation.  The very nice lady behind the desk said, “Ma’am, my records show this card was closed in December.”

That can’t be!  I JUST used the card Friday afternoon!

I told her that I’d received this card in response to the Home Depot data breach.  And then I remembered… I never cut up the old card.  I was in a hurry when the new card came in the mail so I slipped the old one in my wallet behind my Costco card and put the new one front and center.

After getting my hair cut I just dropped the card in my Mary Poppins bag and frolicked to my car, oblivious to the embarrassment that was about to engulf me, then grabbed the old one at Michael’s mistakenly thinking I’d had enough sense to put my active card back in my wallet.

After sheepishly searching my huge duffle bag purse while in the nice lady’s office, I found the active card.  I gave her the closed one so she could shred it.  Oops.

Today’s take-away: always cut up an old card immediately. Or you’ll embarrass yourself at the bank. 

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