How to Shop for a Mattress

K, so this title is a little misleading.  There should be a question mark after “Mattress.”  I don’t know how to shop for a mattress.  I need help.

Ever bought a mattress?

Ever bought one and wish you could jump on a plane, find the person who would create such a torture device and punch them in the eyeball?

When my hunky hubs and I got hitched we slept on either my old mattress or his old mattress for the first 2 ½ years.  His was older and kind of lumpy and mine was memory foam (which I loved but him not so much).

Plus, both mattresses were queen sized which really isn’t big enough for a former football playa and another person of any size bigger than a newborn baby.

Needless to say, we decided it was time for a “real” mattress.

We had visions (fantasies, really) of walking into our bedroom and seeing a beautiful, big bed calling softly, “Rick, Erica, you’re about to have the best night of sleep ever… Remember the Venetian Hotel in Vegas???  Remember how you slept beautifully all night and woke up feeling rejuvenated?  That’s about to happen again!”

No one warned us that mattress shopping is more frustrating than buying a car.  And just about as expensive.

We spent hours online researching brands and types of mattresses.  We went to mattress stores.  Huge, big rooms filled with nothing but mattresses.  If anything should help us figure this out, it should be huge, big rooms filled with nothing but mattresses.

Ever tried shopping at a store filled with beds while trying to keep 2 kids from jumping on them?

{Ma’am, I’m going to have to ask you to leave.}

We talked to friends who had recently purchased mattresses… get a pillow top, get this brand, that brand, get a Sleep Number, don’t get a Sleep Number, get a Tempurpedic, get a Beautyrest… I thought my brain would explode.

We finally went to Macy’s, tried out a few mattresses (iffya know whatti mean) (j/k) (or am I?) and settled on a pillow top king-sized mattress.

It was delivered and we were SO EXCITED to finally experience a night of good sleep.  The mattress was the perfect combination of soft but firm.  Like the perfect parent.

But like the perfect parent, the perfect mattress is, too, a unicorn.

We had 90 days to return the mattress if we weren’t satisfied.  I’m preeetty sure that we decided there was a problem on day 91.

First we noticed our bed was beginning to look like a choppy ocean.  Flat-dip-flat-dip-flat.  We would get in the bed and both roll into our respective dips.  Not sexy.

The only thing that bed said to us was, “Hey, you picked me.  I’m all you got so let’s du dis.”  Apparently we purchased the My Cousin Vinny Mattress.

Rick was already talking about getting a new one.  WE JUST SPENT A SMALL FORTUNE ON THIS THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My back ached.  My shoulders hurt.  My neck was stiff.  How is this possible?

I was determined to make it work.  I researched the issue and discovered it’s common with pillow tops, especially king-sized pillow tops.  And the issue is so common that there’s business in creating products that will “fix” the dips.

Hey, I just spent all my money on this thing.  I don’t have $150 to fork over to you for a “fix”.

One blog I read said that the manufacturer will refund your money if the dips are greater than 2 inches.  How am I supposed to measure that?  Stick a ruler in the dip and try to line it up with the flat part?  I can assure you that the dips are greater than 2 inches.  But I’m not going to try to measure it.

Another blog I read said to stuff flat pillows under the mattress where the dips are.

So that’s where we are.

It worked for a little while.  But now it’s not working any longer.

As it stands, we will be buying another mattress soon.  Probably a Sleep Number.  Maybe.


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6 thoughts on “How to Shop for a Mattress

  1. Oh honey. I feel for y’all. Kerry and I just went through the same thing! Same problems exactly…..we slept on it for 7 years because, through the pain, we were determined to get our $1500 worth out of it! You have kids, whom like all kids, like to jump on your bed (I’m assuming). Sleep numbers are essentially REALLY expensive air mattresses, and I’m pretty sure said jumping on the bed won’t be covered by the warranty when they pop. ….Long story short, we couldn’t find the “right” mattress. (Besides the fabulous $20k hotel mattress that we couldn’t justify. So we settled on this really basic, ugly, non braggable, and cheap $200 one that we were told was meant for children. Turns out…..the absolute best mattress EVER! And, hey, if it tears up in a year, no big deal..

  2. Erica, we went to mattress firm, not really the most glorious place however, our guy there was amazing!!!! First off, he sounds just like Seth Rogan so maybe him sounding like a celebrity could
    If had some magical spell over us, idk. He was funny, HONEST and understood our budget!!!! You can never go in anywhere letting them think you can spend whatever., they will sink you every time! He told us about the warranty, and with our memory foam temperpedic (I’ll find the paperwork and let you know for sure) it was like a crazy inch dip and they would replace it. I think it had a lifetime warranty too. I could not WAIT to go to bed every night!!!! My husband prefers firm and I like soft, this was perfect for the both of us. Plus our guy threw in free pillow covers for our new pillows. We were so happy we even got the kids their very first NeW mattresses and everyone was sleeping better. This guy knew his stuff! We went to the Mattress Firm across from the Mall of Georgia and right next to the Olive Garden. Give him a shot, he was super nice. Call up there even before you go and ask for the guy that sounds like Seth Rogan. Lots of luck and hope and prayers, it can be brutal!

  3. Oh no!! We have a king sized pillow top, and have had it for about 13 years! We also have the memory foam mattress topper on it. We love our bed, and you and Rick deserve this bed happiness, too!

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