How to Live the Life You Want

I’ve watched The Secret. Truth Bomb: I turned on the documentary on Netflix with the expectation of a comedy that I could make fun of. Before I watched it, I thought all the fanatics who read the book and kept talking about it were cray-cray.

Then I watched it. And I realized there was something to the idea of making goals, putting them out into the universe and living as though those goals you set will be met. The life you strive for will happen. I came away a skeptical believer.

And now, 2 years later I can tell you that the path you need to follow to get what you want out of this life is already laid out. You just have to find it.

Last year my husband and I were finishing up a nearly 4-year renovation on our first home. I would look at houses online and save the ones I loved, that I knew were out of our reach, but hey, I had to be prepared for when we hit the lottery! One of the homes I saved was as close to my dream home as I’d ever seen actually exist that wasn’t, like, $10,000,000. I showed my hubs and he chuckled, rolled his eyes, and immediately started snoring. So you know it must have struck him, too.

Fast forward 6 months, I came home from work one day and my husband informed me that WE HAVE A REAL ESTATE AGENT!!!!! Uh, what? He said he found a house he wanted us to look at and he knew the timeline was quicker than we’d discussed, but we’re ready to list!!!! Uh, what? Obviously, I needed some time to catch up.

Eventually I did and we embarked on an adventure that would bring my dream and reality full circle.

My hubs found our agent on She was a totally random find. We met her once, she came over to discuss what we should list at, and we discovered that we could potentially get more for our home than we ever thought possible. If this worked in our favor, we would potentially have the most valuable home in the neighborhood. That’s tricky. It would have to appraise. The last comparable home that sold was $50k less just a few months prior.

For our new home we set a budget that I was comfortable with. I’m the fiscally conservative one when it comes to big purchases like homes, cars, shoes (LOL, just kidding.  That last one’s not true.) Having been a single mom I’m a bit skittish about money. This is important because I would eventually be forced to take a leap of faith. To blindly follow my husband. I’m fiercely independent (and hard-headed, and stubborn, and awesome). This is incredibly hard for me.

Anyway, with the budget established with the world’s best real estate agent, we began our home search. We put a contingent offer on a home we HAD TO HAVE. Nope. Fell through. Then we found another home we HAD TO HAVE. Both of those homes would have required my daughter to switch schools. That wasn’t the best case scenario. But our district was really small. The inventory of homes was limited. So we put an offer on the second home we HAD TO HAVE. It was a contingent offer. And the seller rejected it because of the contingency.  Ugh, back to the drawing board (unless you’re British, then it’s a “drah-ring board”).

A few days later we listed our home. It listed around 5pm. By 10pm we had a full price offer. The next day we had ELEVEN showings of our home. By midnight we had four offers. Two of them were cash and all were over asking price. Uh, what?

For those of you who haven’t dealt with a cash offer before, these are the holy grail of offers. No appraisal needed. Since we might have a little more profit than we expected, I did something sneaky that evening. Remember that dream home I’d saved? Well, I pulled up the pictures on my phone so that the price didn’t show up. And I said, “Rick, look. What do you think of this house?” And he said, as he flipped through the pics, “This is our next house! This is perfect!” Then I laughed and showed him the price. To my surprise it didn’t scare him like I thought it would. Maybe he was just kidding. We couldn’t afford that! He’s so silly. So I rolled over and went to sleep.

The next day he called and said he got us an appointment to view the home. He totally called my bluff!  Instantly I hated it. I had to. One of us had to be reasonable! In person this house would be hideous.

It wasn’t. If I remember correctly, we walked in and both said, “wow”. Not to mention, our Bella wouldn’t have to switch schools. After some negotiating, and lots of ungodly late and stupid phone calls to our world’s best mortgage broker, guess what? We’ve now been in my dream home for 6 months now. We’re about to, for the first time since we’ve been married, throw a housewarming party in our dream home. For 5 years we lived in a construction zone.  We lived in a money pit.  We lived in a home we were embarrassed to show people because it was always dusty and broken.  Not any more.  I think we’ve paid our dues to the Home Gods.  My point is this: make a goal. Make it crazy and outlandish. Dream big. Then let it happen. My next goal: I will be a writer, comedian, and speaker. No more corporate job for me. That’s my next adventure.

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  1. I totally believe in The Secret. I had a vision board in my old house and in our current house, the half bath had the exact sink from my vision board. We are also currently living in a construction zone. Sigh…what kind of corporate job do you have? I work for a technology company (telecommute).

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