Back To School Supply List For Parents

My kids went back to school this week.

back to school

Aren’t they cute???  Summer is too short.  Waaay too short.  As a mom who works full-time I look forward to, and very much enjoy the more laid back summer schedule and lighter morning traffic so that I’m not beginning every day screaming like a banshee just to get my kids dressed and out the door to make it to work by lunch.  But being that this is my third “back-to-school” season I’ve compiled a list of supplies that may make it easier to get back in the groove.

  1. Ear buds

To drown out the whining when morning comes too soon.  You may want to invest in more than one pair in the event your whining wakes up the kids as well and your husband doesn’t like to share.

  1. Coffee Mug

To fill with Baileys.

  1. Ruler

To threaten your kid with when you realize on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL that your second-grader has PE ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL so you ask her to go upstairs as quickly as possible and put her sneakers in her book bag but she comes downstairs and has COMPLETELY changed into a ratty t-shirt and cheer shorts that show her butt cheeks and you now have 10 minutes to get her to school before the late bell rings.  Oh, and she still doesn’t have her shoes.

  1. Hand sanitizer

Self-explanatory.  Kids are dirty.  Ergo, schools are dirty.

  1. Erasers

To erase the memories your kids will have of you screaming and pulling your hair out.

  1. Notebook

To document mantras such as “With God all things are possible.  God is with me so why are you still here?” and “Keep Calm and Don’t Get Arrested.”

  1. Planner

To attempt to keep up with all of the activities only to realize you are still only prepared about 80% of the time.

  1. Water bottle

To fill with vodka.

  1. LittleHoots App

To record the hilarious exchanges between kids about the start of school.  For example:


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