At Least I’m Pretty

Three years ago I decided to embark on something I never thought I’d do. In school I wasn’t a writer. I always had a “B” in English. Communication wasn’t my strong point. Or at least I didn’t think it was. However, I felt like I had a message. I’d helplessly watched from afar as my dad had a debilitating stroke while I was 9 months pregnant and living 3,000 miles away. I’d survived a horrible marriage where I was left broken mentally, emotionally, and financially with a 10-week-old baby, living with my mom because I couldn’t afford a place of my own.

I survived getting remarried, buying a house, having a baby, postpartum depression in less than a year’s time. I’m a survivor. Think about it, you are, too. We all are. I have a message. Women are hard to break. We’re strong. We’re accosted, discounted, abused, overlooked, underappreciated but without us, life stops. We’re more powerful than society likes to admit. (“I brought you into this world, I can take you OUT!”, ammirite?). But we’re human and beautifully imperfect. And vulnerable. 

Once life settled down I realized that I needed a creative outlet. Seeing how my acting destiny wasn’t going anywhere (prolly cuz I had never done anything like get headshots or go on a casting call or attempt to get an agent?) I decided to start a blog.

The tongue-in-cheek title, “At Least I’m Pretty”, provides us all with hope. Snarky hope that even in life’s worst moments, at least we’re pretty. That makes it all better, right? My dog died, but at least I’m pretty. Lost ma job, but at least I’m pretty. I was on a conference call working from home and my son knocked on the door, I opened it and he smacked me in the face with his toy tomahawk and ran away laughing but at least I’m pretty. I think you get the point.

Life has a way of taking your breath away in one moment and leaving you wrecked in a ball of hopelessness the next. Life doesn’t discriminate with who it breaks. You aren’t suffering alone. Even when it feels like it, you aren’t. We have families, responsibilities, careers, demands, we’re pulled in a thousand different directions from one moment to the next. Illnesses, health, happiness, sadness, loss, birth, it’s all part of life. The ugly, the beauty.

My hope is that my blog becomes a place we can share those moments. We can support each other. Life can be cold and sterile. But even in the ugly, broken, sterility of life we can still find humor. That’s how you know everything will be ok. Beauty is subjective. I’ve said it a million times. We are all beautiful. Every one of us. Find the humor in the bad. It’s there. Even if it’s dark, it’s there. That’s the beauty of life. Perspective. Some days will suck butt. Ugly, hairy, smelly butt. And that’s ok. Cuz at least we’re pretty.

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