6 Shows I’m Addicted to Right Now

I love a good TV show. The escape, after a long day. It allows you to forget, for at least 30 minutes, all that shat that’s happened and transports you to another time, another place, another family’s disaster. Here is my top 6 list for a welcomed escape right now:

  1. This show with John Ross Bowie (oh, hello, Kripke) as devoted dad and husband to Minnie Driver’s beautiful character as a mom of 3, one of which is special needs, shows the hilarity that can shine through a very stressful and delicate family dynamic. She will do ANYTHING for her family. And sometimes that fuqs shat up. In a super raw, awesome way. Love Minnie Driver and this show lets her own her greatness.
  2. The Walking Dead. I mean, come on. Zombies that can’t run taking over the world and eating faces off of people who are mostly totally capable of out-running them, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as a lovely sadistic mad man, what’s not to love?! I go through withdrawals when this show ends for the season. I even have my own version of Talking Dead at work. I think I have a problem.
  3. Better Call Saul. Season 3 hasn’t started yet but I’m so addicted to it that I can’t get it out of my mind. This is a prequel storyline to Breaking Bad that follows Walter’s crooked lawyer, Saul Goodman (say it to yourself but split the last name into 2 words… you’ll get it). It’s witty and human and honest and I LOVE IT.
  4. Modern Family. I can’t help it. This show is so awesome. The relationships, the snark, the situations (shenanigans, if you will), this show always ends with me in tears. In a good way.
  5. Game of Thrones. AMMIRITE?! Can I getta whit-niss?! This show. I just can’t. If you’ve never seen it, if you think, “I’m not into that stuff”, yes you are. You are. I promise. Get HBO just for this. It’s totally worth it. Warring families, crazy kings, a beaten down girl who becomes a woman who tames dragons and walks through fire (AKA, me), it’s AWESOME. Totally unpredictable so you watch at attention the ENTIRE TIME. After each show I’m exhausted. I bet I even lose weight. Like running a marathon of greatness.
  6. Silicon Valley. Another HBO gem, this show follows a group of nerdy tech workers who Forrest Gump their way to become major players in Silicon Valley. It’s HIL-AR-IOUS. And educational. Not in an “oh my gawd, why is the teacher rolling that TV into our class?! Maybe it’s a rated R mov- nope, Bill Nye the Science Guy again.” Then I have to yell across the room to my friend who isn’t paying attention and is still super excited, “Hey, Kate, don’t get excited. It’s Bil-no, it’s Bill Nye again.” Not like that. It’s educational as in, “Wow, I totally would have forgotten to register my idea as a business, too!” Anyway, thumbs up from me.

There you have it. My fave TV shows. What shows can YOU not live without?

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