Strong Suggestions

My favorite color is red. Maybe that’s why I’ve been “red flag” challenged in the past. I suggest we move to “face slaps” instead of “red flags” to note that someone should reconsider a decision. I know I would respond better to that.

If Tom Shane says something is “en vogue” I will not buy it. If he says something is “on trend” I will not buy it. I don’t trust a nasally white guy to tell me what is in style.

There is a city in Georgia named “McDonough”.  It is pronounced “mic-don-uh”, not “mic-dun-uh”. There is no “u” between the “d” and the “n”. While we are on the topic of pronunciations, water is pronounced “wah-ter” not “wutter” and deal is pronounced “dee-al” not “dill”. I could go on, but I’ll stop.

To all news outlets: please don’t interrupt me with breaking news that anyone who is older than 90 has died. That’s not breaking news. It’s a duh.

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Wheel of Realism

It’s a fact that I rarely watch Wheel of Fortune.  Not that I don’t like the show, I just never seek it out.  The other night it came on while I was other stuff around the house.  One thing I noticed is that EVERY CONTESTANT has a beautiful spouse, perfect kids, and loves the show.

Here’s what I want to see: A realist.  I want to see someone who says, “Hi, Pat.  I have a dumbass wife who is banging the pool boy and my kids are all screw ups.  I’m here to win money for my divorce so I can move to Costa Rica and start over.  Never really seen your little show here before but let’s play and see where this goes.”

Come on, Pat.  It’ll be HUGE (that’s what she said).  Like Jerry Springer meets Wheel.

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